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Terror Abatement Veterans (TAV)*


The advent of the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan brought with it strains on the United States Armed Forces and specifically the National Guard units. The “week-end warriors” as they are often called, have been deployed in country (Iraq) for up to 18 months at a time. The members and families of the national guard, unlike the regular military, are not usually ready for such long and stressful deployments.

The real victims of these wars has been and continue to be the families of those serving their country, Veterans. The National Guard, specifically has an especially difficult time. Members of the guard are taken from civilian jobs that support their families. When the wage earners are not home to work and pay the bills, the families suffer. The suffering does not stop when a deployment ends.

Even though the federal law states that guard personnel’s employment is to be held for them until they return. However, when the deployments are short that was not a problem. However, with multiple deployments, businesses, especially small businesses, are hard pressed to hold a job open for an employee that may, in reality, NOT return. As result many veterans find themselves out of work when they return home. Over the last few years, the newest problem is the loss of the family home due to foreclosure.

Soldier AID was born out of the most basic Foundation mission, to HELP YOUR NEIGHBOR FIRST. Soldier Aid provides direct limited financial assistance grants to veterans and their families to take care of living expenses that they experience while deployed and within six (6) months of returning back home. The expenses many be for housing, transportation, food, or any other verifiable hardship caused by the deployment and/or loss of employment. The duration of this project is perpetual until all conflict end for the military services.

  • Soldier AID provides rental deposit assistance up to $500 per family per 12 month period;
  • Back rental partial payment up to $800 per family per 12 month period of time;
  • Food and Clothing assistance as needed without limit per family;
  • Employment Search and Resume Building for the families of veterans;
  • Psychological and Social Service Referral and follow UP.

* TAV - Terror Abatement Veterans is a term coined by a member of the Foundation in 2008 to denote those veterans that served in a nation's armed forces starting 9/11/2001 to the Present time, including but not limited to conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan - including International Allies. For more information contact


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