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Help Your Neighbor First! Serving the the families of the USA since 1980.

International Neighbors Helped by our Ecorps Disaster Response Teams

Haitian Earthquake Disaster of 2010 -

Mobile Haitian Communication Centers

Chilean Earthquake Disaster of 2010 -

Volunteer Location Services for Chileans Living In USA

 ECorps Disaster Response Teams of volunteers was created in 2005 to respond to the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans. While other major non profits were taking advantage of the situation by raising millions of dollars, Help USA First Foundation sought to raise its numbers of volunteers to respond quickly to the emergency. While even the Red Cross was afraid to enter the city ECorps coordinated with other local non profits to get to the embattled Convention Center to provide aid and comfort to those in need and dying. NO fanfare, NO big budget just REAL dedication to Helping our Neighbors First. This same dedication was put to work when our international neighbors needed help. The Foundation did not raise millions of dollars again, it found a need and filled it with the help of a cadre of International volunteers and businesses.